New Division Age Cut-off Dates will be in effect For Spring 2020 Season

UpdatedFriday October 25, 2019 byNLBA.

New Division Age Cut-off Dates will be in effect For Spring 2020 Season –

The NLBA has traditionally used an age chart to place players in divisions that is based off of a May 1st to April 30th birthdate. This chart was designed and nationally accepted, with the intent of putting players into their playing division based on their age at the time of the spring baseball season. The NLBA board voted at the September meeting to adopt the new age cut-off dates, for all recreational and part-time travel divisions, starting in the Spring 2020 season. Doing so will allow all players to play with their classmates, and will alleviate conflicts that have arisen as teams participate in local part-time travel leagues, fall ball, etc. Full time travel will not be impacted by this change. Below are some commonly asked questions for this change.

Q: Why is the NLBA making this change to the ages?
A: In 2016 Little League Baseball adopted the new age levels to try curb the use of older players in the younger levels as well as align the dates with the typical school cutoff dates. Over the years many organizations have been phasing in these changes. Most recently the Chicago Sunday League adopted in 2019 as well as our SWILA league.

Q: Who is affected by this age change?
A: The change affects those with birthdays May-August. Under the old rules those players would “play down” an age group. Under the new rules they will play at their grade level.

Q: Do these changes affect the Full Time travel teams?
A: NO, this change is for the Rec and Part Time teams in our organization. The Full Time organizations are bound by the rules of the associations and tournaments they enter.

Q: When does this take effect?
A: This takes affect with the start of the 2020 spring session

Q: Is there a grandfather period for any kids?
A: NO, this is a change across all the levels of our Rec teams. There is no phase in period.

Q: Does NLBA allow any Play up or Play down?
A: NO, for fairness of competition, NLBA is very strict with playing in the division of your birthdate.

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