2019 Full-Time Travel Tryouts

@ Tyler-Bentley Complex, 511 E Illinois Hwy, New Lenox, 60451

Updated Monday July 16, 2018 by NLBA .

NOTE: Players are welcome to try-out for one or all of the FT Travel teams per age level

** Some teams second tryout date will only occur if there is a rainout, denoted by "r" next to the second date **

Level   Manager   Email   Date Time Field
8U Black    Darrin Contreras   dmplumber@gmail.com   July 10 5:30P B7
8U Red   Vince Fiore   v34rebel@yahoo.com   July 11/13 5:30P B7
9U Black   Mike Olson   molson@decisiononedental.com   July 9/11r 5:30P B2
9U Red   Pat Gill   pat_gill@hotmail.com   July 9/11r 5:30P B2
9U White   Mike Granata   Mike Granata   July 21/22r 10A B2
10U Black   Jay Samas   j_samas@yahoo.com   July 9/10 5:30P B15/12
10U Red   Lee Barker   leebarker.usmc@gmail.com   July 10/11 5:30P B15
11U Red   Joe Ballantine   joball17@yahoo.com   July 9/10 5:30P B1
11UWhite   Sean Petkoff   sean.petkoff@gmail.com   July 11/16 5:30P B10
11U Gray   Bob Boye   b.boye@comcast.net   July 20th 5:30P B1
12U Red   Marty Dykas   mcdykas@gmail.com   July 10/11r 6:00P B8
12U White   Aaron Stream   aaronstream@yahoo.com   July 9/10 5:30P B8
12U Gray   Jerry Lynch   jlynch@celticintl.com   July 12/13 5:30P B8
12U   Greg Stiglic   gstiglic@gmail.com   July 17/18 5:30P B8
13U Black   Job Gunderson   jgunderson@sd206.org   July 9/10r 6:00P B9
13U White   Tom Arroyo   tommyandlucy@comcast.net   July 20/21 5:30P/10A B9
13U Red   Steve Brasky   nlrebelsred@gmail.com   July 17/19r 5:30P B9
13U Gray   Corey Fookes   fookes@gmail.com   July 21/22r 4:00P/1:00P B9 
14U White   Pat Jones   pgjdds@hotmail.com   July 16/17 5:30P B14
14U Red   Jim Herget   herg13@yahoo.com   July 12th 5:30P B14
15U White   Brian Starklauft   Brian Starklauf   July 23/25 6:15P B14
15U Red   Jay Samas   j_samas@yahoo.com        
15U Black   Dan Jurka   ffdano1@aol.com   July 18th 4:45P B14